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If it weren't obvious, I've been real busy with so many things as of late. Only time will tell at this point when I do more art.
But what I wanna know is what my watchers have been up to. Surely something more exciting, no?

I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to highlight another year at PCM 2014.
This year was easily my favorite, notably Saturday.
First, there was a voice acting panel with David Vincent. It was a lot of fun to watch all sorts of people ask questions, try out their skills, and put on a good show. I myself am thankful to have been a part of it all, and hope there's another voice panel to be had next year.

Then there was the rave...
Aside from the massive amounts of dubstep, including Ephixa's Song of Storms (one of my personal favorites) and a remix of Frozen's Let It Go, anyone who has ever used the internet must have known what song was to be played this year, and I'm sure at least one person would have been disappointed if I hadn't shown up.
I did my best to maintain the front row with a couple new friends, and about halfway in or so, the somewhat expected happened.

Did they play Ylvis? Yes.
Was it The Fox? Yes.
Did they beckon me on stage during the song? YES!

I kind of expected it to be possible, and thought about what I might do if it happened, but I almost couldn't think for a few seconds when it actually DID happen. With a bit of flare and improvisation, I don't think I've ever been the direct attention of maybe ten at any given time. It was so much fun, I almost lost my footing a couple times, but the larger half of fun was getting the crowd riled up.
To anyone who saw me up there that night, thank you for making this fox's day the Best Day EVER!

Now for a little PortCon FAQ:

Q. Are you a guy or a girl?
A. I'm a guy. Maybe it's my physique or something. :shrug: But this question never offends me. XD

Q. Can you talk?
Yes, but I make it a notion that I'm one of those fursuiters who believes it'd ruin the magic, and so I maintain a very terse but bouncy personality. Though I do occasionally communicate vocally with those I know very well, or to answer a vital question.

Q. How do you stay hydrated?
A. I fill a cup, stick a straw in it, and sip away. ^-^

Q. What's his/her name (referring to the fox plushie I carry about)?
Her name is Foxy, and she's mine! :meow: But you can hold her if you want to.
I adopted her back in 2010. She has a brother named Renard.

Q. Can I have a hug/picture?
A. Of course! My answer has always been and may always be yes. I love making people happy; it's the sole purpose I go to these events! :D

And my number one question...

Q. Don't you get hot in that thing?
A. *shakes head* Nope. I specifically designed it to be skin tight not only for portability and movement, but also because it's aerated and breathable. When I'm out in the sun, I'm actually cooler than I am outside my fursuit, because I'm shaded from the sun but still feel the breeze.

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Imma Fox ^-^
United States
Christianity for the win!

I am currently accepting commissions! Scroll to the bottom to find my info and guidelines.

I am an extremely avid fanatic of the movie The Lion King. But that's just an understatement.

I go by 'Elreydelleon' across the net, so chances are likely that if you see an Elreydelleon somewhere, it's me. Unless, of course, someone decides to jack my name on another site.
But why would anyone wish to be me, instead of themselves? -.-

By the way, I don't use social networking-specific sites, such as FB, MyS. or Xanga. If I want people to know about me, I'll tell them myself. XD

I enjoy video gaming (mostly 'oldskool'), and proclaim to be hardcore at times. Not that you care. XD
I also love to sing; have been for a pawful of years. Not much else to say on that...

I'm very interested in anthropomorphism, art and the like, particularly Furry art.
Yes, I'm a Furry. ^-^

FCF[Red Fox]3cr A++ C+ Dm++ H+ M- P++ R+ T- W Z- Sm- RLAT a cn++ d e+ f+ h* i j+ p sm#

Thanks to one of my friends, you can now know more about me...!…

(By the way, my Llamas aren't for sale. Sure, you're welcome to offer on them, so long as you're assured you can't have them ^-^)

BEWARE THE FISSURES OF PHISHERS!… - courtesy of :iconamarie-veneanar:'s Journal. :iconleftarrow:

And this here's a good bit of advice for making friends anywhere.
And if you think it's "childish", you suck! :meow:… - courtesy of :iconkyrashangea:'s Gallery. :iconleftarrow:


Unfortunately, one of my friends, :iconcasey64:, has been hacked. If you see this Casey, I'm sorry that happened. :(
And if the hacker sees this, you need to grow up and do something useful with your life.

Commissioning -
Copyright -…

Please read my commissioning info and, if you wish to know, my copyrights. I typed them for a reason. :)
They link to each other (yay, savetimemoar!)

Please NOTE me to discuss the piece.
(If you don't want your name to appear here, PLEASE SAY SO IN THE NOTE!)

Current Residence: Northeast
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Religious, VG soundtracks, Classical, Oldies (I can appreciate all types of music)
Favourite style of art: Furry/Anthro, Traditional, Digital
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Wallpaper of choice: My collage of The Lion King
Personal Quote: "You can't change the past, but you can change the future."

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